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Bringing The World Into Your Hands

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Our trades and trinkets

IT Consultation & Development

We provide analysis and solutions for your every digital need. From e-commerce portals to edgy corporate websites, mobile apps & games, intranet systems and everything else in between, we can make it work for you!


Digital Marketing

With our vast networks and close partnership with the Indonesian telecommunication, social media and digital ads industry, we are easily your go-to expert for your product and business marketing needs.


Digital Managed Services

We hand-craft digital content services, such as RBT (Ring Back Tone), VAS (value-added service) and build multi-channeled marketing strategies for those contents to reach your market base.



We never stop developing and nurturing ideas and concepts for new market-breaking products and services. This is what we love to do and what we are here for. We welcome all kinds of partnership that share our passion in creating solutions to improve local and global digital industry.


The Crew

Our Cosmodev

Command Center

Taking control as captain of the fleet. Commanding the whole crew are not easy tasks, they give visions, directions and monitoring the whole spacecraft to achieve our objectives. They are our commander in chief and through them our main mission strategy to bring the world to your hand is made. Their motto: Nothing is impossible in this galaxy!

Bounty Hunter

Acting as scouts and missions hunter, they analyze, give insights, and always on the lookouts for missions or bounties to take on. They always strive to gain as much profit as possible for each completed missions. Resilient, aggresive yet friendly and all smiley are their most important traits to help get the job done.Their Motto : There’s always rewards in every planet!

Astro Dev Crews

Focusing on getting the job well done. These behind the scene crews are always working hard to meet the requirements of the missions given to them. Consists of unique individuals with special talents, they accept any kind of challenge, may it be an unknown space lands to fighting space monsters. Their Motto: Come monsters or death rays, we will triumph to see another day!

Auxilliary Crews

From medicals to meals, from equipments to spacecraft repairs, their role is to support the whole crew to achieve full completion of the missions. Filled with ready to help, talkative, resourceful and oftentimes fussy individuals, the Auxilliary crews make sure that everyone are fully supplied and can survives another day. Their Motto: If you still can use it, don’t throw it away!


We always welcome guests, passengers and sometimes hitchhikers within our fleet. You will be treated with upmost hospitality and with our crews’ exceptional capabilities, you can bring out your products’ maximum potentials. We will be very glad to help others to grow their digital needs within digital world. Just contact our crew’s representative and we will help you begin your journey.



Come Board Our Ship

Join us to explore the vast digital galaxies and spaces, experience the unique missions and bounties through thrills and laughters!

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